Cumberland County Circuit Clerk

Rhonda Wilson

P.O. Box 145
Toledo, IL 62468
Phone: (217) 849-3601
Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Angie– Chief Deputy            Kim- Deputy Clerk

 Sonya- Deputy Clerk



For Jury Group serving Sept. – Dec 31st of 2021

The jury setting scheduled for Wed. Sept. 22nd has been vacated.  Jurors will not need to report. 


Tues. Oct. 19th after 5 p.m. 

Thank you for your service. 

New statewide jury orientation video:


Additional Resources:

  • Cumberland County filing fee schedule.
    • Mail  in payments: Money order/cashiers checks may be mailed to the address above.
    • Online
    • Phone payment:  Court Money- 1-800-352-9870
      • Information required for completion: 
      • Payment form number for our county: 146402.
      • Name, B.D., Case or ticket number and payment amount (court money representatives are not able to access totals due on accounts).
  • FORMS: For simplified PDF forms and instructions in many areas of the law, visit the Illinois courts’ website at or .
  • LEGAL AID: For free legal information and referrals to free and low-cost attorneys, visit Illinois Legal Aid Online at
  • Illinois Court Help:
      • Call or Text (833) 411-1121
        MONDAY – FRIDAY | 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • For assistance with electronic filing processes and fees you will need to contact the support number for the EFSP that you are utilizing for filing.
  • Computers with internet free access are available at most public libraries and in the kiosk within the courthouse.


NON-CUSTODIAL PARENTS needing to pay child support may utilize the following resources for the State Disbursement Unit:

Non-custodial parents wishing to complete payments via payroll deduction:  Will need to obtain a withholding order from the court and set up payroll deduction to be paid by the employer/H.R. Dept. via direct ACH transfer or through the Expert Pay processing company for SDU.   Resources for the employer: Employment payment submission form can be found at this link for  employers:

To pay via expert pay:

Employer contact to SDU:

Non-custodial parents who wish to complete direct payments to SDU may set up payments via Expert Pay (at this link:  or mail checks directly to SDU along with a payment submission form.  (Payment submission form can be found here ) 

PLEASE NOTE– PROCESSING TIME: The initial payment processed via SDU may take up to 10 business days.  The subsequent payments will process more quickly.  Please allow processing time when mailing or submitting payments.

PLEASE NOTE– CASE INFORMATION: The SDU will not be able to provide you specific information regarding your support orders, case numbers, etc.  The purpose of SDU is for processing the payment only.  For case related information, contact the Office of the Circuit Clerk at 217-849-3601.  Each submission to SDU will require your case number and county in which the case is located.

Additional resources:

Forms for updating personal information for the non-custodial parent can be found at:

If you need further assistance or resources feel free to call our office.

Staff at the office of the circuit are unable to provide legal advice.